Avazzia BESTTM

The Avazzia Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology (BESTTM) devices are USFDA- cleared non-invasive, non-pharmacological neuromodulation devices for mitigating pain. These devices were developed to provide pain relief without surgery and without medication. Effectiveness depends on factors including source of pain, history of pain, other health issues, adherence to treatment schedule and more. Even fatigue and hydration may impact outcomes. There are no known side effects. Other than the stated contraindications, the technology does not impact efficacy of other medicine or injections received for pain management.

The Avazzia BESTTM devices have been certified by the European Union, Malaysia Medical Device Register, Singapore Medical Device Register, Health Canada and the USFDA as safe and effective. Since BESTTM devices do not introduce drugs, medicine or toxins to your body, you will not suffer related potential side effects. Patients have used Avazzia BESTTM for the following reasons:

  • They want to alleviate pain either before surgery or after surgery.
  • They have found that traditional remedies for pain (drugs, surgery, physical therapy) are not helping or not helping enough.
  • They have long-term pain (from sports injuries, trauma such as car accidents, or work-related pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome) that is hard to eliminate.
  • They have pain related to other health conditions, such as diabetic neuropathy.

Many people report impressive results: significant pain reduction, and frequently, complete elimination of pain and accelerated wound healing. Healthcare practitioners, including medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers, use Avazzia BESTTM units for their own pain. A growing body of research on microcurrents shows that electro-stimulation effectively manages pain which can bring relief to related issues and thus, speed healing. Avazzia’s premier engineering ensures its units offer outstanding performance. Electro-stimulation is used by NASA, the U.S. military and hospitals, as well as wound clinics, rehab clinics, physical therapists and athletic trainers, to improve outcomes after injury and surgery.

Electro-stimulation is the application of electrical impulses to the body. There are many types of electro-stimulation and several USFDA classifications, such as:

  • Heart stimulator (pacemakers)
  • Implantable stimulators (frequently used for pain)
  • Bone growth stimulators
  • Transcranial stimulators
  • Electrical muscle stimulators
  • Transcutaneous (skin) electro-neurological stimulators (TENS): Avazzia BESTTM falls into this category, and unlike many in this category, also falls into both subcategories of microcurrent and interferential.

Transcutaneous means through the surface of the skin and nerve refers to the electrical current that stimulates through the sensory nerve. USFDA categorizes all of the electrical stimulator devices that go through the surface of the skin but do not penetrate the skin as TENS devices.

Hence, Avazzia BESTTM devices are classified by the USFDA as a TENS unit, as are possibly hundreds of other devices. Many of these TENS units have not changed their technology in decades. Avazzia technology was created in 2004 by a former Texas Instrument engineer to take the technology used in the 1970s into the 21st century. Key features of Avazzia’s Bio Electric-Stimulation Technology are its state-of-the-art engineering and that it is manufactured in the U.S.; and its flexibility in addressing pain issues in patients.

Avazzia’s technology distinctions:

  • Technology delivers more advanced output waveform and microcurrent.
  • The interactive features and functions of Avazzia BESTTM are patented and proprietary.
  • The PRO models give a numeric reading of tissue reaction response data.
  • Flexibility means all Avazzia BESTTM devices can be used with any of the approved accessories or alone, with the onboard electrodes.

Because of the interactive response, the patient is less likely to develop accommodation or habituation from treatment. (Accommodation reduces the efficacy of almost every other TENS device in the market.) Devices are programmed to control the electrical amplitude (how much power is delivered); the frequency (the rate of electrical output) and other qualities such as burst pulse patterns; modulation; and damping.

The PRO models give a numeric reading of tissue reaction response data . Other Avazzia BESTTM devices also indicate D or Z in some modes. Click here for more information about IR, OR, D and Z.

Follow your healthcare practitioner’s directions. It is not unusual to apply Avazzia BESTTM microcurrent two to three times a day, for up to 20 minutes each time, for a week. After a week, many users find that they significantly reduce their treatment time or frequency. Many discontinue daily use all together.

Yes. The only contraindications for using Avazzia technology are cardiac pacemakers and pregnancy. Make sure to read and follow warnings in the Owner’s Manual. And make sure your physical therapist knows that you are using an Avazzia BESTTM device.

The Avazzia BESTTM devices are, in general, simple to use:

  • Turn on the power with the slide switch on the side of the device.
  • Place electrodes (either the metal plate at the back of the device or through an accessory) on the skin and, using the and keys (in PRO and BEST-RSITM devices) and or keys (in Avazzia StarTM and Ezzi -LiftTM devices) on the front, turn up the power (or down) to find a comfortable power setting.
  • Press the MODE button on the front display to select a mode.
  • Apply microcurrent therapy.

A User Guide will be provided with the purchase of devices. Free instructional videos are at, under the tab at the bottom of the page that says “FREE INSTRUCTIONAL DEVICE” videos.

Yes. A number of conditions impact your body’s sensitivity to the electro-stimulation from Avazzia BEST’s microcurrent. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • body’s hydration level
  • level of fatigue
  • where you place the electrodes
  • recent exercise or strenuous physical activity
  • recent bathing or showering
  • alcohol or caffeine consumption
  • recent sun exposure and more

Also, after several applications, you may notice that the tissue’s sensitivity to electro-stimulation has changed.

It is important to be well hydrated, both for general health and to get the most benefits from Avazzia protocols. Drink plenty of water each day, not just on the days of treatment.

No. If you feel tingling in one pad, that indicates the unit’s power is working. Body tissue that is dry, cold, stressed, injured or receiving poor blood flow may not be as sensitive. Set the power level to a comfortable setting for the pad through which you feel tingling, but no higher. Eventually, the sensation may be felt in the second pad as well. This may take more than one application. There is nothing wrong with feeling the sensation in only one pad.

Not necessarily. Try to determine why you don’t feel anything. It may be because the skin tissue is dry, cold or numb or insensitive, for some reason, to touch. Test the microcurrent output on more sensitive skin tissue with these steps:

  1. Make sure the device is OFF.
  2. Turn the device ON using the slide switch on the device’s side. When the device is turned on, three LEDs will light up and a beep will sound indicating power is on.
  3. With the device at its lowest power setting, put the onboard electrodes on sensitive tissue, such as fingertips.
  4. Carefully increase the power level by holding down the key (in PRO and BEST-RSITM devices) and keys (in Avazzia StarTM and Ezzi -LiftTM devices) on the front of the unit. You should begin to feel power (tingling) in the fingertips.
  5. If, after turning on the device, it emits 20 rapid beeps, this indicates batteries are losing power (low). Batteries should be replaced. Make sure to use new, good-quality batteries. If after replacing batteries, you still don’t feel a microcurrent signal, even on sensitive tissue such as fingertips, the device may require service.

The most common reason power is not felt is because of very dry skin, very poor circulation or using electrodes on calloused skin. To increase skin sensitivity, try this: Make a light saline solution (1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in one cup of water), moisten a washcloth and wipe the skin. Once skin is dry, test it with the onboard electrode. Most likely, tingling will be felt. Do not apply lotion.

No. It is against protocol to use the Avazzia BESTTM unit “while sleeping.” That includes any time the person using the unit is unaware of its functionality.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Yes, all modes on all Avazzia BESTTM devices use specific frequencies. Some of those frequencies are considered proprietary information and not public information. Others are listed in the Owner’s Manuals of the different Avazzia BESTTM products.

Yes. Avazzia BESTTM devices generate a high-voltage, pulsed current (HVPC), damped, biphasic, asymmetric sinusoidal waveform that produces a microcurrent output.

Owners may set paired frequencies using two devices. In this case, treatment can be using two separate pre-set modes on each device (e.g.: set one device at VASO, the other device at RSI and place the four pads as preferred) or setting each device at one of the VAZ custom programmable modes in Pro-SportTM III device and personally selecting desired frequencies. This also would require two sets of two pads, with placement as desired. Also, this could be accomplished using two Avazzia StarTM devices or BEST-RSITM devices, with one device set at one mode, the second device at a different mode.

Custom-programmable VAZ mode is available in the Pro-SportTM III device. It is not difficult to use (and save) a preferred frequency. This example gives step-by-step instructions to save desired settings:

  1. To start, turn on device: Press key to navigate to AVA mode. Press Select to select AVA mode.
  2. Set frequency at 152 Hz: Press key to FREQUENCY. Press key to 152.0.
  3. Select pulse value of 3: Press key to PULSES. Press  key to value of 3. (This sets 3 pulses per packet.)
  4. Select Z-value to 15: Press key to Z_VALUE. Press key to value of 015.
  5. Select damping value of 2: Press key to DAMPING. Press key to value of 2.
  6. Select Modulation of 3:1: Press key to MOD. Press key to 3:1
  7. To save this program in VAZ 2: Press key to SAVE VAZ 1. Press key to SAVE VAZ 2. Press Select.

This is now saved as the VAZ 2 mode. This can be recalled by going to VAZ 2 and pressing Select (the centre button).

This VAZ 2 mode also can be reprogrammed with different settings, in effect “erasing” the first set of characteristics. Note that programming happens in the AVA mode, although AVA will not save those settings.

Buying Avazzia BESTTM Products

Avazzia BESTTM medical devices may be purchased through distributors or online.

Go to the ONLINE STORE page to make an online purchase and for products and shipping details.

You may also contact Advanced Microcurrent Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMS) via WhatsApp at +6017-679 8160 or using the Contact Us form.

Malaysians who own a Maybank Credit Card can enjoy a 6-months to 12-months instalment payment with no Interest. This offer can only be done by swiping your card using AMS Maybank Credit Card terminal.

At this time, AMS does not have a rental program.


It depends upon how careful you are with them and where you store them when not in use. Follow the care directions on the package they come in. Some patients, with care, have used a set of pads twice a day for 5 to 7 days and more.

With the device off, carefully wipe it with either an alcohol swab or damp cloth. Dampen a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and wipe off the onboard electrodes (if those were used), or the electrodes on the end of the comb, pencil or Y-electrode attachments. Do not open up the device, other than to change batteries.

It depends upon many factors:

  • how often you use your unit
  • how long you use your unit
  • battery quality
  • device settings

Higher intensity settings and frequencies will use up more battery capacity. There is a great deal of difference between inexpensive batteries and high-quality batteries. In a professional setting, two to three days is an average life-span for the two AA batteries that power the BESTTM devices. For home units, a set of high-quality batteries could last several weeks.