Pro-DoctorTM Kit


Pro-DoctorTM Kit


  • Pro-DoctorTM Device
  • Medium Carrying Case
  • Y Electrode
  • Y Sleeve
  • Comb Electrode
  • 2″ x 2″ Conductive Gel Pads
  • Lead Wires


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Pro-DoctorTM device is a hand-held, battery-operated, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical device.

Pro-DoctorTM device is designed primarily to be used as a treatment device by doctors and healthcare providers.  This device provides digital display readings of tissue responses that saves valuable time and eliminates guesswork in treatment planning.  It is great for use for Reaction data, objective evidence, specialized treatments, and much more flexibility. The Reaction data measures progress through the treatment cycle.

Digital display shows readings for professional use and therapy progress indicators.

PRO-DOCTORTM modes include:

  • Blue Relax
  • Modulate
  • Blue Stimulate
  • Acute 3:1
  • RSI
  • Vaso
  • Acute Trauma
  • FM 7-12 A
  • FM 12-32 B
  • FM 32-45 G

WARNING: Not intended for individuals with pacemaker or other implanted electronic device or who may be pregnant.