Warranty & Repairs

AVAZZIA BESTTM devices have been produced with utmost care and have been delivered in perfect technical condition. Avazzia BEST™ devices are sold with a limited two (2)-year warranty against defect of material or workmanship. Our liability is limited to replacement or repair of product only, at Manufacturer’s discretion.

Warranty term is twenty-four months from the Date of Purchase. A Receipt or Sales Invoice is necessary for warranty validation and any repair.

The batteries should be replaced as soon as a LOW BATTERY status is indicated. Use good quality batteries. Devices damaged due to abuse, exposure to water or other chemicals, or other mishandling will be returned to the sender “as is, without repair” with an explanation as to why it was not repaired, unless it is stated on the Service Report Form that the Customer wants the device repaired and agrees to pay for the repairs.

The conditions of our warranty services are as follows:

  • Repairs will be provided for defective electronic and mechanical components in:
    • Avazzia BESTTM device
    • QiWaveTM
  • NO warranty for lead wires and batteries
  • NO warranty for conductive gel pads
  • NO warranty for Y-electrodes, Comb electrodes, Pencil electrodes, Finger electrodes; and
  • NO warranty for Carry bags and Pouches.

Under the following circumstances, warranty will become VOID and service fee and parts will be chargeable within the warranty period if:

  • the device has been tampered with – device has been altered in any way by any unauthorized technicians or has been subjected to misuse or negligence.
  • the device has been found to be damaged or broken due to misuse, improper use, or rough handling, or if the case is broken
  • the defect has been caused by attack of household pests, fire, lightning, natural disaster and/or pollution
  • water or chemical damage is found upon inspection
  • the defect has been caused by shorting of electrodes – the electrodes should not be directly shorted together (via metal, highly conductive liquids, etc) while the device is on. This could result in damage to the device
  • the defect has been caused by electro-static shock damage – powerful electro-static shocks into the electrodes may damage the device while it is on or off
  • the defect has been caused by violent vibration – violent vibration could damage components and reduce the effectiveness of the device
  • the side accessory jack has been used inappropriately.


For any repair that is outside of the warranty (by time or by scope, or due to damage), a cost estimation of repair will be issued. If you do not wish to accept the cost for repair, an inspection fee may apply.

Please contact Advanced Microcurrent Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMS) via WhatsApp at +6017-679 8160 or using the Contact Us form for Repairs.


Repairs may take up to eight (8) weeks to perform as all services are done by Avazzia, Inc. headquarters in Dallas, USA.  However, most repairs are completed within five (5) business days after receiving the device.

Repaired devices are automatically updated to the latest hardware and software configuration.  All repaired devices are tested to assure proper functionality and performance.

Devices may be repaired using new and reprocessed components.

For devices that are out of warranty, a cost estimation of repair will be issued upon request.  If you do not wish to accept the cost for repair, a diagnosis fee may apply.

Service repairs are returned with limited thirty (30) day warranty against defect of material or workmanship of the service provided.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Minimum Service Fee for non-warranty service are USD 195.00 for home-use devices and USD 300.00 for professional device with a digital display. If service requires additional cost, we will contact you. Service fee does not include shipping and handling.